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» On the Russian-Latvian border the new MAAP "Ludonka" is opened
17 января 2011 | News

On November, 11th, 2010 solemn ceremony of opening of a multilateral automobile cargo-and-passenger check point through frontier of the Russian Federation "Ludonka" (MAAP "Ludanka")) located on the Russian-Latvian border in Pytalovsky region of the Pskov area has taken place. The chief of Northwest customs office Nazip Galikeev, responsible persons of Central office of FCS of Russia, representatives of federal and regional enforcement authorities have taken part in it.

 Project MAAP "Ludonka" was confirmed by order of FCS of Russia in 2006. But owing to complexity of the decision of a question on tap of the earth, long working out of the necessary working documentation and irregular financing object building was tightened.

 Now infrastructure of MAAP includes buildings of passenger and cargo registration, boxing of profound examination of automobile and cargo motor transport, a building for cynological service, pavilions of boundary and customs control, a platform for placing of a mobile inspection customs complex and also the weight equipment.

 Designed capacity of the new MAAP allows to make out 380 automobile and 100 lorries, 20 buses every day.

 Quantity of lanes in a check point is 4 on entrance to the Russian Federation, on one for automobile transport, buses, a truck transport, and one for reserve strip. The same quantity of lanes is intended for departure from the Russian territory.

 MAAP "Ludonka" works in a round-the-clock mode. The first cars from Latvia are already issued in a new check point. Within the limits of opening solemn ceremony the honorary certificate is handed over the driver of the first car.

 Opening of a modern post that meets all the requirements will allow to recover foreign trade activities with Latvia and the European Union as a whole, will help to avoid traffic jams on the latvian-Russian border.

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