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» Export/Import trade statistics of Russia
Export/Import trade statistics of Russian Federation based on official reference books of customs statistics of Russia (publisher is Federal Customs Service of Russian Federation). The Data Base contains trade statistics data of export/import operations Russia with abroad countries. The Data Base has been prepared on the base of processing about 3.0 million annual customs declarations. The Date Base search is possible as by countries, products code, trade years and export/import indicators choose as well. Data are shown in quantity and cost view. Results are displayed in a table and can be exported in Excel (.xls) format. The Data Base contains date from 2005 to 2020 years.
Export/Import trade statistics of Russian Federation

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Additional information:
The Database is updated annually on the basis of official annual customs statistics of Russia.
Data in the Database of trade statistics completely correspond to the official data of Russian Customs stated in official collections of Customs statistics of foreign trade of the Russian Federation.
In 2005, 2006, 2010 years data were published on 6 digit level and since 2007 to 2009 data are provided only on 4 digit level.
Data for 2011-2020 on 10 digits level.
Data for 2012-2020 with the ability to group by region export/import.
Data for 2020 including December.
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